List of the Best Intel Processors You Can Consider to Buy

IntelMaybe this is the time you need a new processor because the best intel processors are already released. Or maybe your old processor is not able to perform well anymore. It’s all up to you, but here is the list that you need to check before deciding to buy a new one.

The Best Intel Processor
From the best processor for gaming up to the best processor for smartphones, let us check any of them.
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1. Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake
Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake is the newest processor made by Intel. This is the latest generation comes with high specifications. This processor has run in some series of laptops. However, this version of the processor will not hit the desktop this year.
Intel's 10th Gen Ice Lake
If you want to get a desktop with Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake, you will need to wait until 2021. For now, you can only find desktops with 8 or 9 generations of this Intel series.

2. Intel Core i9 990 KS
Get ready to feel the experience of the best high-end speed of CPU performance in your life. Intel Core i9 990 KS comes with that high-end speed for daily activities with a laptop or computer. You can prove it by yourself. We all can say that Intel Core i9 990 KS is the best processor 2019.
Intel Core i9 990 KS

3. Intel Core i5 9600K
You can consider getting this Intel’s processor since this processor is offered for a more affordable price. We can say that Intel Core i5 9600K is coming with the best budget processor made by Intel. It costs less, but the performance is good enough.
Intel Core i5 9600K

4. Intel Core i7 10510U
The next best Intel processor is Intel Core i7 10510U. This series is best at the thin size. This high-end thin processor is compatible with Dell XPS 13.
Intel Core i7 10510U

5. Intel Core i7 10710U
Intel Core i7 10710U is the best processor for gaming 2019. Comes like a binary code mash-up, you can freely buy this processor today.
Intel Core i7 10710U

So, this is the list of the best Intel processors and you can prove by yourself how good their performance is. Have you decided to buy a gadget with any of the processors above?