You Live in This Era? You Should Know The Best Supercomputer

SupercomputerYou understand that a computer can work and calculate the number faster than most humans. It can help to manufacture automatic machine control also. It can bring and save data almost a blink of light nowadays. You can call this computer with the supercomputer. There are at least five best supercomputers around the world.

Several List of International Supercomputer around The World
You may ask about supercomputer capability rather than a general computer. This kind of computer can work fast with million instructions per second which can be abbreviated as MIPS. There are competitions around nations to build a supercomputer that can work super fast. You want to know the whole supercomputer so that you can see below.
Supercomputer Hall
1. Summit
The top supercomputer is Summit which made in the USA. This supercomputer delivers 148.6 petaflops and has 2,282,544 IBM power with 9 cores. It has the best function as a supercomputer due to its Nvidia 1,090,880 Volta GV100 cores. This computer lays in one of the Department’s Energies in the USA.

2. Sierra
The second-fastest supercomputer is Sierra which located in California. This supercomputer has 1,572,480 cores and supported by the same Nvidia accelerator as Summit also. It has fast speed due to 1,382,400 cores and 94,6 petaflops to support its function

3. Sunway Taihu Light
The third supercomputer list you should know is Sunway Taihu Light. This supercomputer can give a performance of about 93 petaflops without using accelerators. This supercomputer can work very efficient by using only 6.051 gigaflops/ watt. It locates at the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, China.
Sunway Taihu Light

4. Tianhe-2A
The fourth world’s fastest supercomputer around the world is Tianhe-2A. China develops this supercomputer by powering Intel Xeon E5-2692v2 and also Matrix-2000 processors. It can work with maximum performance until 61.4 petaflops. The efficiency power is 3.325 gigaflops for every watt.

Does your country has a supercomputer yet? You who have interested in this subject can also contribute to developing a supercomputer in the future. You can share this information with your friend who has some interesting topics about the best supercomputer